Joyous Christmas Celebration 2021 at our new Devon Center!

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  • Joyous Christmas Celebration 2021 at our new Devon Center!

Christmas is a time of care, love, and giving!
Following our years-long tradition of celebrating this joyous occasion, on December 21st UMAS/MAFS celebrated its grand Annual Christmas Party at the new state-of-the-art location – 2520 W. Devon Ave., Chicago, IL 60659.

Mr. Prashant Kumar/IT Director and Mr. Sagar Kumar/CFO welcomed the staff and board members to join and celebrate this cheerful occasion with lots of food, music, and dance.  The entire staff was dressed in Christmas attire. In a bright prominent spot stood the ornate Christmas tree where all the staff took pictures to enjoy the festive memory.

Mr. Prashant Kumar and Mr. Sagar Kumar addressed the staff about the excellent progress the organization has made in technology, work skills through advanced staff training, and introducing a new and efficient work system. Despite the obstacles faced due to the pandemic we still managed to enjoy successful events that took place in the year 2021, like our most enjoyed company cruise, family picnic, and the most successful annual gala, where the Governor of Illinois congratulated UMAS/MAFS for its dedication and commitment to educate, assist and empower the immigrant community.

With Management’s constant concern for its employees, generous gifts and bonuses were distributed to all employees.

The employees continued the celebration with Dance, Food, and Fun!!!