Health Promotion – Yoga Camp

Yoga Science Camp

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body, and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps us relaxed. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. It improves respiration, energy, and vitality. Yoga Science Camp was organized at the Schaumburg location, and it was conducted by the Yogi Lalit Shankar (Right hand of Baba Ramdev). It was a truly wonderful opportunity for the staff to learn and do some yoga exercises with him. Mrs. Santosh Kumar also participated in the yoga and thoroughly enjoyed it. She also explained to everyone the importance of yoga and living a healthy life.

Mrs. Kumar’s participation in the Yoga with the Yogi Lalit Shankar (Right hand of Baba Ramdev).
Staff participation in the Yoga Camp.

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