UMAS ‘s Home Care Worker Got an Award from IACCPHP

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UMAS Team with the IDoA Director Paula Basta.

What a proud moment for UMAS for getting a Home Care Aids award by an ‘IACCPHP Mary Hill Homecare Aide of the Year award’ from The Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers (IACCPHP) on April 25th, 2023. The award was given to recognize home care aids for outstanding service to participants. The award ceremony was held at Springfield, followed by lunch. The event was attended by Manager Jahnavi Bavisi, Supervisor Bhavi Kothari, and two HCA’s who received honorable mention awards; HCA Manjula Patel, and HCA Wanda Gonzalez. IACCPHP is a trade association comprised of in-home services providers contracted with the Illinois Department on Aging (IDoA) to provide in-home assistance to seniors across Illinois through the Community Care Program (CCP).

HCA Wanda Gonzalez, receiving an award.
HCA Manjula Patel, receiving an award.