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What Does it Take to be a Leader – Personal and Professional Growth

Swami Prayagraj gave the finest lecture about how Vedanta professes the power of your real nature, the Self within to become a great leader. The Vedanta philosophy touches on all corners of life’s experiences. His lecture truly gave an inspiration to all the attendees for their personal and professional growth. Swami Prayagraj Hule from Mumbai, India, came to give a beautiful and meaningful lecture on how to become a great successful leader on June 19th. His education in the spiritual field was a true benefit for all the attendees of the program. Swami Prayagraj Hule completed his Vedanta course under the guidance of the eminent Swami Parthasarathy. The Vedanta philosophy unveils the potential of human excellence. Every human being is unique and can excel in one’s true métier. Imbibing the philosophy achieves liveliness in one’s life.